You know when you start the year wanting to get things done and then time passes and well things slip. Many times i’ve I started herding poems together for a collection and soon became overwhelmed and just like that another year was gone. Maybe the task was too big, maybe try baby steps, take the section on love and make a smaller book I thought. So here we are, a perfectly proportioned show of love.

‘This tastes like love’ is a collection of edited poems around the themes of love. Launched in print in February 2023, the collection is a bit of a journey and the launch show was a lot of fun. copies of the book are available over on

I don’t know how other poets write. A line comes to me, gifted through a misheard conversation or muddled spelling, other lines gather around it in support of a feeling that won’t let go. Sometimes a whole poem flows out, sometimes just a few lines tell the whole story, still carrying the weight, still taking me back there. Thats how i write and its nice to see a collection come together.


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